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Age, knowledge and experience are no match for true wisdom. Do you know you? Are you befuddled by your circumstances? Are you moving downward, upward, sideways or going in circles? Here, you are in the right place, to find clarity, value and release from inner blocks. Our coaching strategies redirect you to new enthusiasm, energy conducive to success, self-confidence, career momentum and stress-free living - based on vision. Shouldn’t you sign up for this? Let’s partner now. Hyacinth. coachmenow@sapiencecoaching.com or execulifecoaching@yahoo.com  .

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Our Services

Choose which of these empowering services you would like to engage, on a weekly or monthly basis, to address current or future challenges, in your career or in your personal life.

  • Stress and life-work balance coaching
  • Re-energizing life coaching for Baby Boomers
  • Career coaching and career path planning
  • Life and career transition coaching
  • Effective communication skills for influence and leadership
  • Group coaching for office staff and teams
  • Motivational speaking for your monthly meeting or event
  • Goal-setting and vision building coaching
  • Re-branding and re-invention at midlife and retirement
  • Coaching for personal development and self-confidence
  • Time and organizational management coaching for individuals
  • Coaching for professional advancement and focus
  • Coaching for mindset makeover and mindfulness
  • Weekly inspirational tele-sessions for talented women

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