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Your Global Life Transition Coach is offering you what Starbuck's cannot, instant audio, video, motivational article or 15 minute private coaching by phone to support you in situations you perceive as stressful - to help you make prompt and powerful decisions - to support you in loving and accepting yourself and among others, - to point you toward your true potential. Don't hesitate to start talking. Email immediately from our Contact page.
Pursuing multiple careers and re-careering are everyday situations in the 21st century. They are not scary challenges for Career Coaching. They both lead to enhanced quality of life as the bold and courageous take advantage of new opportunities and open themselves up to the options arising in today's, global working world. 

Career coaching leads clients to not only find work but enjoy the work that they do find and enjoy their life.

It’s normal today to reinvent yourself and your career or to have multiple careers even at the same time, so a Career Coach helps you to sort out how to maximize the quality of life factor while doing all of that. Have you not updated your RESUME for the longest while, then let's review it to match what the job market needs.

Change is sometimes forced upon us and when that involves job loss, or sudden job change or relocation having a life and career coach provides the perspective and guidance needed to wisely face and handle the challenge and seek out the opportunities step by step.

Learn more and take action on the matter. Time’s not waiting.

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