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These E-Books are available on Just click on the links and they will each pop up. Watch for announcements regarding new eBooks as well as paperback books being published in coming months. These are part of my 'Sapience Series'. When you do read, do let me know how you were helped or informed. Thank you.

Power in Praying Through: 52 Inspiration Notes, Bible Quotes and Prayers at your fingertips - A-Z

Power in Praying Through: 52 Inspiration Notes, Bible Quotes and Prayers at your fingertips - A-Z Authored by Hyacinth E Gooden-Bailey M.A. Available in Paperback and on Kindle as an e-Book on . PURCHASE TODAY! This is the link to share with friends and family TO MAKE 2018 DIFFERENT FOR ALL! THIS BOOK MAY BE ORDERED FROM THE AUTHOR as well :

Divorcing Your Partnership with Fear

This book is one of a series to empower you if you take the messages to heart. In this book we have focused on the anatomy of fear and the 'unrealness' of what controls us. Alongside that, we have shown the power of what is available to us in terms of quantum energy. You might be feeling ...

How to Move from Work-Life Imbalance to Life-Work Balance

This eBook is intended for women, in particular, who are experiencing overwhelm due to demands in their careers,family life,financial overload, and not being able to adequately juggle time and energy and live the balanced life they deserve.

The Professional Woman's "Must Know" Guide to Career Change

This book is the forerunner to a hardcopy book: Career Change Design in the Second Half of Life: a motivational guide for professional women. It is chockful of empowering guidance regarding finding purpose,harnessing spiritual energy,determining your vision and maintaining focus so that the reade...

READY,AIM,INFLUENCE! Book available with interviews on Leadership

Here is a best-selling book to which I contributed. You may preview it on and then request a copy from me. Ready, Aim Influence!    reveals: The true meaning of leadership and why we are all leaders no matter what our titles How to explore c...

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