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Hearty Welcome, Welcome to you, This website is A MIGHTY DOOR, especially now in 2022.  The contents, even if dated, are intended to introduce you to what you may invest yourself in to make powerful changes - very private and personal, career change, leadership style. You are a source of INFLUENCE, whether you are aware or not.  I don't want you to be just a scroller. I invite you to connect with me via the many contact links on our site, by phone, email, Zoom, or message from my Facebook page (CoachingParExcellence) or on Twitter -@coachingjourney. Do you have questions about cross-cultural, diversity, equity and similar matters?  Let's talk.
In these days of chaos and turmoil, you can't afford at midlife or beyond, or at any age, to vacillate and hesitate to reach for what will make a difference in your present and your future and to make you 'the difference'. Make LIFE AND CAREER COACHING your personal BIG GIFT to yourself. Hyacinth. coachmenow@sapiencecoaching.com .Listen to: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9lMDE1NDI0L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz
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Our Services

Choose which of these empowering services you would like to engage, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, to address current or future challenges in your leadership team, in your professional, career or personal life.

  • Transition through sudden shifts and changes
  • Stress and balancing daily priorities and time
  • Foresight and imagination in career planning
  • Re-energizing for Baby Boomers
  • Mid-life career transition support
  • Team coaching for groups and staff
  • Inspirational speaking to your monthly meeting or event
  • Spiritual energy and focus to create your future
  • Goal setting and vision building coaching
  • Re-branding and re-invention at midlife and pre-retirement
  • Re-creating self-image and self-confidence
  • Recognizing personal value, worth and strength
  • Making decisions to advance and succeed
  • Mindset makeover for peaceful living
  • Weekly, virtual coaching to move to your next level

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Discovery and Healing: Post-COVID-19 Reflections from Italy

Date: 2020-06-25 / Speaker: Synergos
Discovery and Healing: Post-COVID-19 Reflections from Italy

Guided Imagery Audio Clip - Calming the Spirit

Date: 2015-05-25 / Speaker: Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey
Guided Imagery audio Clips vary from five to ten minutes each and are intended to have you bypass stress, confusion, worry, pain, anxiety and despair and center inwardly where there is power, grace, mercy, calm, direction, wisdom, guidance and a...

Welcome Message

Date: 2015-05-23 / Speaker: Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey
Listen for five minutes

Slash Careers and Mid-Life Transitions

Date: 2009-02-13 / Speaker: Hyacinth Bailey
Want to follow your passion and have more joy on the job in a “slash career?” What’s that? Find out when Doris Helge, Ph.D., Host, the More Joy on the Job Radio Show interviews Hyacinth Bailey, Slash Career Expert.

Stress and Finances: Podcast

Date: 2008-12-10 / Speaker: Interview with Kathy Jo Pollack
Half an hour podcast on Blogtalkradio on the subject of Stress and Personal Finances. An interview with Kathy Jo Pollack.

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