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1. Are you struggling with your CV or in selecting which job to apply for, or which self-employment to pursue?  Talk To Me!

2. Would you like to listen to one of my Blogtalkradio episodes and follow-up with me on the item which relates to you, which you think would improve your life?

3. Sometimes we search all over for answers and they are shouting at us, right in our face. Read one of my old articles and tell me what enlightens you today?

4. You have been THINKING about life coaching for good while, but are fearful of trusting someone with your authentic thoughts or your money, well why don't you try doing that for a few sessions. You will absolutely only GAIN, in 'trust' and 'hope' and 'vision'.

5. Want to learn to put higher value on your life by setting aside more of your time, energy, focus and resources to develop your mind, build self-confidence, refuse to be depressed and to thrive with greater creativity and earning power?  Time to connect with me.

6. Finally, express your interest in my Weekly Zoom Sessions - "Higher Dimension Creativity". Just register via my Contact Page or wherever you see the contact boxes. You will receive the details for these sessions and get your confirmation immediately.

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Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, B.A.,Dip.Ed, M.A, certified Professional Life Coach, Member ICF

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