Marathon One-Time Life-Changing Coaching Sessions for me

Sometimes potential clients are not interested in weekly
life or career coaching sessions and prefer just a one-time,
or once-per-month session with great focus. They might have
an urgent concern to be worked through. Is that you?
Although I explain that the coaching process is not a rushed
one, I am able to accommodate 'one at a time' sessions, just
as I do the 15-minute laser sessions to ease tension and
give relief. One-time sessions are really marathons.
Once per month cannot be shorter than 2 hours and one-
time sessions, with no initial intention of continuing but expecting
effective outcomes, cannot be less than 3 hours. We will
have work to do. You may change to weekly afterwards.
Let me know what you would like to share, develop and
accomplish in your limited time session and which day
and time of day suits you
. The fee is dependent on what
the end result and the value of the session will be to you.
I have powerful stuff to offer and the move is up to you.
Just email me at I want one-time marathon coaching now

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