MY NEW MESSAGE TO END 2020 – Thank you, all Coaching Enthusiasts

MY NEW MESSAGE TO END 2020 – Thank you, all Coaching Followers, friends and seekers.


I have been referring to my trademarked ‘Creative Potential Script’ TM for years and only those who committed to my 6-week Life Transition Coaching sessions were let into the details and Secrets of this process. Today I want to hint to the direction that this powerful process will take you. Of course, we will do this virtually, as usual. You will thank me, whether you are already being coached or have never been coached for your life, career, or business.

It is important to be equipped to maneuver and re-orchestrate the new year 2021. I have shared many ideas and higher dimension guidance in my tele-classes, my Life and Career Redesign sessions, both private and group versions, as well as in my BlogTalkRadio episodes and in my articles and eZine ‘Potential plus Possibilities’, but I have not revealed the Secrets of that ‘Creative Potential Script’ except to those who are wise enough to commit to new learning and experiences.

You see, you might be wishing and hoping and wanting the best but are not prepared to commit to anything. Here is your chance, after all the challenges of 2020 and before. Here is one hint.

You do not need to say or think: I am dreaming and hoping for, but rather, couch your words and thoughts in terms of – I am creating and receiving bla-bla-bla. How does that ring with you? Do you taste an air of confidence and finality in that? That is not all. There are 12 other aspects that will be revealed to you, not just from what I will share in the 6 week sessions, but also from what you will personally and radically experience each week of the sessions. This series is also effective for work and social groups to keep the energy and personal development going. Each participant gets fully in touch with their SPIRITUAL BEING.

The series will cost you merely $299.99 if there are up to 10 other persons attending, and if you choose to have the sessions very privately, catered specifically to your needs and goals, you will commit $599.00.

Is Monday at 6p.m. good for you or Wednesday at 6:30p.m. Just an hour long. In between sessions you may send an email updating your Life Coach on how you are doing or asking a question about what you are currently thinking, related to the series.  O.K. That is it. We are all set for 2021. Pandemic or no pandemic. I agree with you on a healthy New Year in every aspect of your life.  Just email or send a message from the Contact Page. Easy step.


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