I encourage you at this time to do what you have resisted before. Release the pride.

Release the fear.

Release the doubt.

I coach clients through many levels and aspects of living, but here are two you must engage with in this early part of 2022.

  1.  creating your regular, personal, retreat plan.
  2.  rescripting what is in your head and heart.

Both coaching activities achieve several things among them:

1. renewed energy

2. powerful vision

3. sturdy confidence.

Can you see these, and how they will affect your relationship with yourself and others; your professional and career growth; and your total management of life?

Join my “Inner Wisdom Circle” today. You will love it! Email from this site or call to have a 5-minute chat or just sign up.

 So, what's a good day for you? What's a good time of day for you? LET’S BEGIN.

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Take that step without hesitation. Time is not waiting on you. Find your unique self today.

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