Power in Praying Through: 52 Inspiration Notes, Bible Quotes and Prayers at your fingertips - A-Z

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In a powerful, inspiring conversation with the reader, the author provides very timely and pointed  revelations about the necessity and power of praying to God about everything. The dimensions and effectiveness of a prayerful life are unfolded bit by bit, as she gently guides those who have not indulged in prayer, as well as encourages those who might be getting weary. For your spiritual growth, personal and professional development there are 52 prayers, relevant Bible verses and richly inspirational notes, touching life-changing topics, literally from A-Z, and intended to connect the reader with the God of Glory, during times of pain as well as of celebration. 

Authored by Hyacinth E Gooden-Bailey M.A.  THIS BOOK MAY BE ORDERED FROM THE AUTHOR : heb@sapiencecoaching.com                           - http://www.amazon.com/dp/1978859930

Authored by Hyacinth E Gooden-Bailey M.A.

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