READY,AIM,INFLUENCE! Book available with interviews on Leadership

Here is a best-selling book to which I contributed. You may preview it on and then request a copy from me.

Ready, Aim Influence!  reveals:
  • The true meaning of leadership and why we are all leaders no matter
what our titles
  • How to explore collaboration potential in innovative and profound ways
  • Quick, effective methods to overcome confusion and gain clarity to create
               a vision that will light the way to personal and business success
  • How to handle varied, demanding roles with ease.
With hundreds of pages of crucial insights and insider secrets, reading Ready,
Aim, Influence! is like having a personal, inspirational conversation with each
celebrated leader. These experts generously share their personal stories in
interviews on how they overcame incredible obstacles to rise to the top of their
fields. The ideas and techniques in this book will help all those who read it to see
themselves as a leader in every area, including the home, workplace and
community, so they can transform their lives and take the reins to guide
others to do the same.

For a copy of the book
Book available by mail on request
Contact Name: Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, M.A.
Contact Phone: 516 639 7407
Contact Email:

Ready,Aim,Influence! $20.00

Book available by mail on request

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