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"I was skeptical about getting a life coach, but I knew that I needed to take steps to seriously change the direction I was going. I was stressed, unfocused, and unsatisfied with pretty much everything. I came across Hyacinth's profile, I checked out her website, other reviews, had an introductory call with her, and decided to work with her. It's two months later, and I feel that the tools Hyacinth gave me, along with the exercises, and honest conversations, helped me to learn my value. Focusing on personal goals, hobbies, and my vision for the future have given me a new outlook on who I am, and what I can do. I'm starting a new job, and moving to a new home soon, and I know working with Hyacinth played a key role in helping me achieve those goals. I highly recommend Hyacinth she's personable, and helps you to weed out the nonsense in your life to get you back on track. I look forward to continuing working with her to get to the next level."


"Hyacinth Bailey has worked with me to develop a fresh perspective on how I can maintain personal space & vision in harmony with a demanding career. She has asked insightful questions, listened deeply, and facilitated my identification of specific goals & next actions that have proven to be highly effective. Through my experience as a client of Execulife Coaching, I've fine-tuned my ability to make smart choices on matters that influence long-term quality of life. Thanks!"


Hyacinth, thank you for making my life that more fulfilling and easier to live. I was in battles all the time until I decided to contact you. From the first conversation, I knew that had made a wise move. Everyone can see that I am taking charge and have a plan, purpose and direction in my life now. I am especially grateful that I am now earning thousands more than I did for 10 years where I was stuck with no prospects at all. Thank you, thank you...


Dear Hyacinth, I laughed at the idea of a business coach since I have an MBA, but lucky me that I did not invest my hard-earned money in a start-up before talking to you. I actually got excited instead of being fearful and distrustful. You helped me create new products, market more forcefully and make decisions more promptly. This has been a real eye-opening experience and now instead of fearing my next steps, I am overflowing with energy and ideas. You are the best and I will continue being coached by you.


Hyacinth and I covered a lot of difficult ground and I felt desperate most of the time but I learned bit by bit to trust myself and find the power within. I learned to deal with loss, disappointment and mistakes. I never learned any of that in college. I am so glad I invested in such good coaching and counsel. Hyacinth, it’s my pleasure to share this and to thank you.

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