How to Use Your Creativity to Get Through a Major Life Change and Life Changing Decision

Creativity works around your own private hypotheses which you come up with, and since ‘transition’ in essence amounts to dealing with the ‘unknown’, the unknown you never saw coming and the future that you are never quite sure of, creativity is essential to bypass upcoming challenges and states of mind.

With the mind-set that you have the wisdom, fortitude and arsenal of choices on which to draw, there is no end to the variety and magnitude of the solutions you can arrive at to help you to work through all of your life changes and challenges.When facing transitions in life we need to take 4 steps to deal with every phase of a major life change:
1.    Understand our situation
2.    Accept our situation
3.    Determine what we would like to be different
4.    Decide what actions should be taken to get through the major life change
Working with a Life Coach can help you to recognize that it is your intentions and expectations that will take you safely from one side of the bridge to the other – this is a process we call “transition”.
When your reaction to transition is one of weakness and desperation, transition phases can be drawn out for longer than necessary or attract new challenges to compound the situation. Many people associate the ability to tackle life changing decisions or challenges with intelligence. Within the last two decades, the abstract idea of “intelligence” has been accorded to different labels in an attempt to clarify this mystifying human trait. As brilliantly as the researchers and proponents of these issues have portrayed all the aspects of intelligence, we still have far to go in deciphering one of the most exciting parts of our natural human greatness – creativity.

Before facing any new threatening situation, such as that of losing your job too soon, practice with less disastrous tests in your life. With this creative mind-set rehearsed you will surely become a master over time, since all of modern life is made up of inevitable changes and their related transitions.
If you are facing a major life change currently or are about to face an upcoming transition, remember this: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get creative” - Thomas Edison

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