QUALITY OF LIFE - Learning to identify cues



To influence your quality of life, draw up an infographic on what your spiritual energy is vibrating towards. Give it whatever specific details you can. Don’t wait for things to fall into your path, but create the setting for them to fall in place, right in front of your eyes. Call that graphic ‘Where my happiness lies’.  Include all that you imagine should be part of your daily experience and which you have not been able to see materialize thus far.

Include in your graphics words that will conjure up the life you want and will serve as constant reminders to you of where you are heading. Now, at the same time, do not forget that THINGS do not bring you happiness, but they do manifest to confirm that you are on the right spiritual path for you. It’s your level of awareness that is important, and that requires further consideration.  The quest for a better quality of life is the quest for peace and harmony in living, to allow you to be free to serve those you may be assigned to serve. Experiencing a higher quality of life means that you are exerting and advancing to your highest potential in both practical and spiritual terms.

Your images of ‘where my happiness lies’, emanating from the center of the graphic and center of your beliefs, which for me is CONNECTION WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT…choose yours, may include:

A loving, devoted spouse

My book published and distributed

Plan and enjoy wonderful vacations as often as possible

Giving service to the community, out of my abundance

You are intended by God to have a quality of life that reflects his love, care, wisdom and abundance. Quality of life is divine living in its truest sense. When someone says – “that is divine”- we don’t necessarily think of God. We are thinking – stupendous, exquisite, outstandingly beautiful – but divine is ‘of the deity’.  To ‘divine’, as a verb, means to ‘discern’, so let’s use the idea to its limit. Let’s add discernment to our quest for a higher quality of life and it will take more to expound on that.

Let’s create the real divine life. What is involved in that? I will just summarize in 5 areas which you may pursue on your own or with help:  full self-awareness – connection to all nature and the naturalness of creation – faith in a safe and satisfying future – practice of faith in present power to create only the best and highest good– celebrating and transcending through difficulties. These are enough to focus on and develop without the other trappings of concerns with which we burden ourselves: getting rich, competing with others on the job or in the neighborhood, partying and having fun, seeking to block out reality through the intake of strange substances, taking or demanding what does not belong to us.

To me, it is obvious that quality of life is unquestionably secure if we can maintain our focus on the 5 areas I have mentioned, with limited distraction as life goes up and down and all around us. While we attempt to elevate our thoughts and actions, we receive more and more revelations, making our life even more divine from day to day and resembling more of the source of our being and the intentions of the Creator.  There is one thing more to be conscious of: how to see the clues and pick up the cues, which confirm to us which direction to go and that we are on the right path. That’s discernment.  If we miss them, that allows doubts and fears and disillusionment to prevail instead.  All hail to our pursuit of renewed quality of life each day.

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