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Podcast - What is a Slash Career? - go to MEDIA page

  SLASH CAREERS AND MID-LIFE TRANSITIONS Click on the Media link and listen to the podcast of February 13th, 2009 Want to follow your passion and have more joy on the job in a “slash career?”  What’s that?  Find out when Doris Helge, Ph.D., Host, the More Joy on the Job Radio Show inter...

Top 12 Picks for 2015

Open the link, and see my listing on this special Top 12 Picks list in 2015.       . Just scroll down the list to find me.

Taking advantage of your potential and possibilities

2016  IS YOUR YEAR FOR GROWTH AND NEXT LEVEL LIVING. Let's BUILD YOUR VISION! The Life and Career Transition Coaching that I offer is what you have been waiting on, so take advantage now. You decide what you need help with most - you prioritize. You choose the day and time of day best f...

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